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Island Business Affiliates, Inc., is a group of 20 to 25 separate companies that have joined together in one common purpose: serving your needs.

We have accountants and lawyers, bankers and brokers, internet gurus and marketing pros, to name just a few of our many experts. All located on Long Island, New York, we serve a diverse range of businesses based locally, nationally and internationally.

Our members are very results-oriented; in short, we know how to get things done.

And now we're happy to present you with, a one-stop outsourcing resource you can count on.

Smart People Use Learn more about IBA by attending one of our regular meetings. Visitors are welcome and selected membership categories are now open. IBA meets formally on the second and fourth Thursdays of every month. Click the 'more info' link below for details about our regular meetings...Mao Get the Job Done!

When you have a business problem, don't be concerned. Do what other smart business people do and visit At Island Business Affiliates, you always have a team of experts ready to help. Just remember, whatever the need, do the smart thing and

ClickIBA first!BA Is A Proud Member of This Fine Organization

You don't have to sign up and there's no commitment. Just contact any member firm to begin a relationship, long term or short, to help when you have a business need. Browse the wide range of services available, and then contact an IBA member today to get the job done.



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